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Find an Expert

Find an Expert partners clinicians in low and middle income countries with experts from well-resourced settings.  SIOP-NA surveyed its members to determine who would be willing to donate their expertise and insight. We have created a list of experts willing to be contacted. This is a tremendous benefit to colleagues in low to middle income countries (LMICs) especially those without a twinning partner. For instance, if a center in a low to middle income country had some questions about brain tumors, they could check to see if there is a neuro-oncologist willing to be contacted.

Terms of use for Find an Expert

Please note that all experts are working on a volunteer basis, so time and funding for desired travel vary and may be limited. Experts have also volunteered information on their own expertise regarding disease management and experience in various countries. We greatly appreciate the time and effort of these volunteer experts and trust the information they provided to be accurate, but we are unable to endorse any particular individual’s knowledge, experience or advice.

How to get advice or help from an expert?

If you need advice or help from a paediatric oncologist please donwnload the POINTE Training and Experts XLS, look at the list of available specialities and email the expert. 

How to interact with an expert?

When communicating with an expert, please:

  • pose clear, specific, and clinically relevant questions to the experts.  

  • make important information available in a timely manner.

  • observe local ethical and legal standards in communicating patient information.

  • provide feedback to the expert about the outcomes of the case​.

Want to help as an expert? 

If you interested in using your expertise to help a clinician overseas click here to download the Register to become an Expert on form. Please fill in all the fields and email it to info@cancerpointe.comWe will then add you to the list of available experts and notify you.

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