The POINTE Podcast: Global Health and Childhood Cancer

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Global Health and Childhood Cancer is a podcast that exists to promote the leading ideas in global health that will improve the lives of children with cancer. Each episode we will host discussions with influential thought leaders about specific topics relevant to global oncology. We hope these public conversations will increase the knowledge and improve the practice of those working in global health.  What’s more, in the last several decades there has been an explosion of knowledge about global health, but this knowledge currently resides in academic silos and much of it is untapped by the field of global oncology.  By interacting with experts in a broad range of disciplines, we hope to break down these artificial dividers and learn together how to best care for our patients.

So if you are interested in global health, interested in childhood cancer, or just interested in intelligent conversations about important topics, then we invite you to listen to the show and join the discussion yourself online.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for details about the launch in October 2017.

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